The Jewish Club at Lakewood Ranch

 Enhancing our cultural, social and educational opportunities!.



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Over three years ago a small group of people saw the need to enhance the concept of a Jewish Community in Lakewood Ranch; it had received little direct attention from Jewish Institutions. LWR is a rapidly growing community in the Sarasota, Florida area. It may have as many as 1400 Jews in a 20,000+ community. The vision was to create the Jewish Club at LWR. This club would then be a vehicle through partnership with other organizations and on a standalone basis to bring a variety of Jewish content programming to LWR. Three years later, LWR is clearly on the radar screen as a meaningful center of Jewish life. Federation now partners to bring some of their best programming to the Ranch. On a standalone basis the Seder, the Break-the-Fast and the Summer BYO get together have been highly successful annual events. This year has seen additional programming including selections from the 92nd Street Y lecture series. In all of the programming, The Jewish Club at LWR has one mantra; "make sure there is time for people to schmooze". The Club has attracted a growing cadre of individuals to share in the work required to move the Club and the Jewish Community forward. The club is open to all LWR residents. If interested email us using the Contact page.